nowadays, thanks to technology, it is possible to manage international transport from the comfort of your home.
This is an example: from its office in Segrate, FORTUNE International Transport was able to coordinate the transport of a large plant built in Tunisia and destined for the Ivory Coast.
With a simple smartphone it was possible to follow the transport from the factory to the port of Sousse (at night, as it was exceptional transport as most of the packages were decidedly out of shape), check the progress of the boarding (the port survejor continued to send photographs throughout the day and the following night … until boarding is complete. But also by filming the lashing and welding operations to ensure maximum safety during navigation).
The ship is followed daily and upon arrival in Abidjan the landing control operations will be repeated.
Then with other special trucks, all the material will be delivered to the area where the plant will be assembled.
Another piece adds to the collection of special transports for which FORTUNE International Transport is increasingly at the forefront.
Of course, it took years to create a network of expert and reliable agents around the world, but today, the rewards are finally reaping.
Filed this work, the FORTUNE International Transport operatives are already working to manage other plants to be moved from one part of the globe to another.
After all, the reason for success is in doing a job that you like: and at FORTUNE International Transport they do their utmost to guarantee a first-class service.
In a world that too often looks only at the price (whoever makes the lowest price wins!) There are still those who believe in quality: FORTUNE International Transport, in this, is at the top.