the problem: we have a huge case (almost 6 meters high) that weighs almost 80 tons … at the factory, in Massa Carrara. Then we have the ship (which should load it to take it to the Far East) in Genoa.

The ship cannot move to the port of Marina di Carrara (the only port reachable by road with those measures and weights) and the goods cannot be transported by truck to Genoa (because bridges and tunnels prevent it)

In short, if the mountain does not go to Muhammad …

We will take that box (and some others with oversized measurements) from Marina di Carrara to Genoa … by sea.

A barge (measuring 30 meters by 10), towed by a tugboat, lands at the port of Marina di Carrara.

The crates are loaded onto the barge, tied tightly, even welds are made (complete with the intervention of the Port Chemist) and within one night the entire batch of goods is transferred to Genoa.

In Genoa, the barge is moored in the same quay where the ocean-going ship on which we have already booked the space will operate and the deadlines will be fully respected.

The photos?

Here they are …

At Marina di Carrara… loading

At Genoa, discharging…