PrimoCargo were recently contracted by a German-based, world leading manufacturer of large-bore diesel engines to execute their project cargo services.

Four diesel engines, two weighing 80tns with dimensions of 7.25 x 3.15 x 4.20m and two at 63.5tns / 7.90 x 2.60 x 4.55m, were loaded at 2 different locations by the same barge for transportation via the Rhine river to the port of loading in the Netherlands, Schiedam. Please click below for photos.

Philipp-Christopher ‘Ebbo’ Schopnie (General Manager at PrimoCargo) explains; “The challenge during this transport was the extreme low-water level on the Rhine during the pre-carriage by barge. However, by choosing the correct type of barge, we were able to deliver all 4 engines in time for the closing of the ongoing ocean vessel.”

At Schiedam, the engines were loaded at the quay by a shore crane into a coaster vessel heading to the final destination of Ancona in Italy where Fortune International Transport (PCN members in the country) will coordinate the rest of the shipment and act as agents for discharging.